Reading a wine label can be difficult, especially if many words are in a different language. The following tables provide a translation for some of the most common words you might see on a label or description of a wine.


French Word Pronunciation English Word
sec sehk dry
demi-sec DEHM-ee sehk semi-dry
demi-doux DEHM-ee doo semi-sweet
doux doo sweet
cru kroo growth, level, or rank
cuvée kue VAY batch or blend
millésime MEE-lay-zeem vintage or year
récolte RAY-kolt harvest (year of)
perlant pair-lon very slightly sparkling
rouge roojg red
blanc blonk white
rosé roe-ZAE pink
noir nwar black
gris gree gray
pétillant pay-tee-yon slightly sparkling
crémant kray-mahn moderately sparkling
mousseux moo-suh sparkling


Spanish Word Pronunciation English Word
espumoso eh-spoo-MOE-soe sparkling
abocado ah-boh-KAH-doh semi-dry
uvas oo-vas grapes
embotellado em-boe-tay-ya-do bottled
vendimia ven-DEE-myah year or vintage
cosecha koh-SAY-chah harvest (year of)
año AHN-yoh year or vintage
tinto TEEN-toh red
blanco BLONK-oe white
rosado roh-SAH-thoh pink
clarete klah-REH-teh pink wine
dolce DOHL-chay sweet
seco SEH-koh dry
semi-seco SE-mee SEH-koh semi-dry
brut broot very dry


Italian Word Pronounciation English Word
secco SAY-koh dry
amabile ah-MAH-bee-lay semi-dry
abboccato ah-boh-KAH-toh semi-sweet
dolce DAWL-cheh sweet
ciaretto keeyah-reh-toe light red
rosso roh-ZAH-toh red
nero nair-oh dark red
bianco BYAHN-koh white
rosato roh-ZAH-toh pink
vendemmia vayn-DAYM-myah year or vintage
annata an-NAH-tah year or vintage
spumante spoo-MAHN-tee sparkling
frizzante freet-TSAHN-teh slightly sparkling


German Word Pronounciation English Word
gutsabfüllung GOOTS-ab-few-lung estate bottled
erzeugerabfüllung AYR-tsoy-guhr-AB-few-lung producer bottled
trocken TRAWK-uhn dry
halbtrocken HAHLP-trahk-en semi-dry
rotwein RAWT-vine red wine
weiswein VICE-vine white wine
schillerwein SHIHL-uhr-vine pink wine
weissherbst VICE-hehrbst white harvest or pink wine
rotling ROHT-ling wine from a mix of red and white grapes
spritzig SHPRIH-tsihg slightly sparkling
kabinett kah-bih-NEHT first picking
spätlese SHPAYT-lay-zuh late picking
auslese OWS-lay-zuh selection
eiswein ICE-vyn ice wine
tafelwein TAH-fuhl-vyn table wine
trockenbeerenauslese TRAWK-uhn-bay-ruhn-OWS-lay-zuh dry selected berries
beerenauslese BAY-ruhn-OWS-lay-zuh selected berries


Portuguese Word Pronounciation English Word
adamado a-duh-MAH-doh sweet
doce DOH-chay sweet
séco SEH-koh dry
clarete klah-REH-teh pink wine
tinto TEEN-toh red
branco BRAHN-koh white
rosado roh-SAH-thoh pink
engarrafado na origem ayn-gar-rah-FAH-doh nah oh-REE-zhem estate bottled

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