Wine Region: Piemonte, Italy

Piemonte means “at the foot of the mountains” and in this case that refers to the Alps – which nearly encircle the entire region. This gives the region a very unique microclimate and thus, the grapes which thrive here are rarely ever seen growing elsewhere.

The two most popular reds are Barolo and Barbaresco – both are named after the villages near where they are produced and both use the Nebbiolo grape. The region’s other wines are named first after the grape and then after the region where they are from. For example, Dolcetto d’Alba is the Dolcetto grape from the Alba region.

Popular grapes grown in this region:

  • Nebbiolo: light in color, but big in tannins, acidity and flavors; it is known for making some of the world’s best wines
  • Barbera: medium-bodied, high acidity, bold flavors, and deep purple in color
  • Dolcetto: medium-bodied, high acidity, but softer less-intense flavors as compared to Barbera
  • Brachetto: produced in the Acqui region as a sweet sparkling wine similar to Lambrusco

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