Wine Grape: Albariño

albarino grapes

A white grape grown almost exclusively in northwest Spain and northwest Portugal and has been growing there since the twelfth century. The most popular region for Albariño is Rías Baixas (pronounced ree-ass by-shuss) in Spain. When grown in Portugal, it is sometimes known as Alvarinho.

The grape has a thick skin which makes it resistant to mildew – this is significant because the regions where it is grown have heavy rainfall and are close to the ocean thus are exposed to wind, fog and mist.

About the Wines:

Wines made from Albariño grapes have a characteristic aromas of white flowers, almond, apricot and peach. The wine produced is unusually light, and generally high in acidity with average levels of alcohol.

Wines are particularly well suited to be paired with shellfish or any seafood because of the high acidity. Wines are typically consumed young (within a year of harvest) and are not well suited to aging.

Wine Examples:

do zoe 2015 Do Zoe – Loureiro-Godello Albarino

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