Wine Region: Rías Baixas, Spain

Rías Baixas (pronounced ree-ass by-shuss) is a wine growing region in the far northeast corner of Spain in the community of Galicia. It is best known for its white wines made from the Albariño grape variety. Although there are actually twelve different grape varieties allowed to be grown in the region, Albariño represents over 90% of all vines planted.

Heavy rainfall, as compared to other regions of Spain, as well as fog and sea mist from the Atlantic ocean give is a uniquely damp microclimate. Due to relative physical isolation, its wines were rarely seen outside of the region until the 1980s.

The primary reason why the Albariño grape thrives in this environment is because it has thicker skin compared to other grape varieties which make it resistant to mildew. Additionally, shellfish is a common local cuisine and Albariño makes an ideal pairing.

Wine Examples:

do zoe 2015 Do Zoe – Loureiro-Godello Albarino

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