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About the wines

REGION: Italy | Campania | Sannio Beneventano
GRAPES: 100% Falanghina

TASTING NOTE: Intense floral and fruity aromas with hints of banana, tropical fruits, and white peach. This is a delicious Falanghina, pleasantly fresh, crisp, and light-bodied.

FOOD PAIRING: Pairs perfectly with fish dishes, such as prawns and spaghetti or gnocchi with mussels and clams. It combines very well with fresh pasta and tomato sauces or vegetable soup.

  • 88 Points – Vinous (January, 2022)​
REGION: Italy | Emilia-Romagna | Reggio Emilia
GRAPES: 51% Ancellotta, 49% Lambrusco Salamino

TASTING NOTE: A vivid, brilliant ruby red sparkling wine.  The wine shows classic red fruit aromas. Though dry, the palate is fruity, round, and exuberant with fine and persistent bubbles.

FOOD PAIRING: Delicious with cured pork meats such as salami or mortadella or a variety of pasta dishes such as tortellini or lasagna.

  • 91 Points – Vinous (December, 2021)​

About the Cheeses

Pronounced OH-ha SAHN-tah

Produced in Dallas, Texas, Hoja Santa reflects its origins. Each young goat’s milk round is wrapped in a velvety, heart-shaped leaf from the local (and eponymous) Hoja Santa plant (piper auritum). The Hoja Santa leaf imparts subtle tones of sassafras, anise, mint, black pepper to this soft, fresh chèvre. Here in the Artisanal Cheese Caves, we age the cheese for much longer than most fresh goat cheeses. Then we dry the wet Hoja Santas, turn them over and wait for a few spots of perfectly edible mold to grow on the rind. This guarantees that the leaf has lost its chewiness and has infused the white paste with a light grassy note. Pair Hoja Santa with both the Falanghina and the Solo.

Robiola Rocchetta is a pasteurized “triple milk” cheese made from goat, cow and sheep milk. Made in the Piedmont region of Italy, Robiola Rocchetta is part a family of soft cheeses made under the Robiola name. The Rocchetta version is a soft, white mottled bloomy rind cheese that is very creamy. The flavor can be mild when the cheese is young, and more robust as its ages and becomes more dense over a few weeks. The texture is very fluffy and can be runny and luscious when at peak ripeness. Robiola Rocchetta pairs with a wide variety of wines ranging from white wines like Falanghina to milder red wines like Solo.

Pronounced oh-soh ee-RAH-tee

Ossau Iraty Pardou Arriou is a classic sheep’s milk cheese made in the French Pyrénées in two neighboring provinces: the Ossau Valley in the Bearn and the wooded hills of Iraty in the French Basque country. Ossau Iraty is made with the milk of the Manech and Basco-Bearnaise ewes. While it complies with strict Appellation d’Origine Controlée (AOC) regulations, the shape of each wheel can vary from region to region. Ossau is aged for a minimum of ninety days; we age it further in the Artisanal Premium Cheese caves until its paste has turned a luscious ivory; its fragrance is reminiscent of toasted hazelnuts, and its taste encapsulates the sweet, buttery flavors that a great sheep’s milk cheese can deliver. This cheese pairs nicely with many wines, and will go very well with both of these selections.

Roaring Forties Blue is an Aussie cheese hailing from King Island, south of Melbourne, at the western end of Bass Strait. The cheese is named after the infamous Roaring 40s westerly winds of more than 100km per hour that blow directly down the 40°S longitude.

Produced by the King Island Dairy, Roaring Forties Blue is a handcrafted cheese, made from the milk of cows grazing on lush green pastures of the island. Cheesemaker Ueli Berger ensures that each of his cheese wheels is full-flavored with a sweet, slightly nutty character, a rich mouth feel, and a good aftertaste. Matured in a wax coating which cuts off the oxygen supply and encourages sweet and fruity flavor while also preserves the moisture to create a smooth and creamy texture. Pairs well with Medici Ermete Solo.

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