The Unfathomable Diversity of the Longest and Narrowest Country in the World: Chile


A new world of wines and a land of extremes, where almost 500 years of winemaking and heritage vineyards thrive alongside a vibrant, youthful, progressive winemaking culture, and a commitment to a sustainability second to none. Why You Should Attend: Hear from three Chilean wine producers that represent the heart of Chile and its magic,

La Paulée


La Paulee is online and around the world in 2021. Featuring informative virtual seminars, a self-guided Grand Tasting, and special wine offers available from their retail partner Zachys

prices vary

Sommcon Virtual Summit: Côtes du Rhône’s Vision for Sustainability Webinar


Session descriptions + speakers coming soon! Passes available for $75 through February 5, 2021. Register today before prices increase. NOTE: The SommCon Virtual Summit will be powered by our on-demand streaming service, SommGo. If you haven't already created an account on our SommGo platform, the system will make you create an account to complete your SommCon Virtual Summit registration.


Geographical Digest Webinar Series – Italy North to South


In the spirit of continuing education for beverage professionals and consumers, The SOMM Journal — in association with National Geographic and SommCon — invites you to participate in a complimentary, one-of-a-kind wine-tasting webinar series entitled Geographical Digest.

Nizza Webinar


A look at Nizza, the most distinctive expression of Barbera from two of its leading producers.

Malbec World Day


Argentina is the main producing country of Malbec. Since 2011 it has been the most cultivated variety in the territory and the one that has increased its surface area the most in the last 20 years. But it has come a long way to become the emblem of our country and the paradigm of #VinoArgentino.

Geographical Digest Webinar Series: Luxury from Remarkable Sites


Just as certain blocks in a given city, town or country have their own inimitable character, there are single plots of land in the wine world that grab your attention and scream “luxury.” Let’s indulge ourselves and ask the people who make wine in those rare plots of planet earth – what is it about that acreage that makes us stand and take notice?

TEXSOM Sommelier Retreat

Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas 4150 N. MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX, United States

TEXSOM International Wine Awards brings the industry together to identify and champion wines of quality and distinction from around the world, invests in brand-building for all award-winners, and creates additional avenues to market and exposure for wineries through the extensive sommelier and wine industry network of TEXSOM entities: The TEXSOM Conference, TEXSOM Sommelier Retreat, TEXSOM Sommer Camp, and SOMMELIER, a TEXSOM publication.

Pinot Noir: Aspects from Delicacy to Durability


The Somm Journal Winery Close-Ups Webinar Series takes a look at the controversial Pinot Noir grape. View this free webinar special to witness a Pinot parley with seven wine whisperers from distinct terroirs around the world.

Masterclub: Lambrusco Wine Tasting Webinar


Considered the Italian sparkling red wine par excellence, Lambrusco is the evident demonstration of how much every wine is deeply linked to the character of its territory, constituting its most authentic expression: sparkling, lively and convivial.

Winephabet Street Series – Episode “T”


Grab a glass and join Lori and Debbie as they take you through the world of wine one letter at a time. Each episode will be a new letter and a new wine and this episode is T for Tavel!

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