Deepika Kalla-Paul

Deepika is a New York City-based food photographer, recipe developer, food stylist, and the creator of the blog The Deeper Living. Deepika focuses on vegetarian dishes, sweet things, and everything in between. Deepika believes that making food beautiful and intriguing is a vital part of the eating experience. She thinks that we eat food through our eyes as much as we do through our palette, so why not make what you eat beautiful and tasty? Deepika is always dreaming about creating new things in her kitchen. She is always enthused to go to her local grocery store, the farmers market, and anywhere food maybe in abundance. Looking at seasonal, specialty ingredients from all over the world is what always excites her to cook and bake. Deepika shares her passion for delicious bakes and global dishes by providing detailed, step-by-step instructions that go over ingredients, techniques, and styling tips.
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