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Which of the below regions makes wines that are 100% Chardonnay?

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Which of the below countries grows Chardonnay as their leading white grape variety?

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What are the typical characteristics of warm climate Chardonnay?

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If you notice flavors like vanilla, cedar, and clove in your glass of Chardonnay, what can you expect your Chardonnay has gone through?

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Which of the below is Australia’s most famous Chardonnay-producing region?

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At what temperature should you serve most Chardonnays?

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What are the primary flavors of cool climate Chardonnay?

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If you notice the chemical compound of Diacetyl, responsible for the flavor of butter or cream in your wine, what process would you suspect your Chardonnay has gone through?

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What is a style of sparkling wine that is made with 100% Chardonnay?

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What is the original meaning of the word “Chardonnay” in France?

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Basic Chardonnay Quiz
Pale Yellow

Pale gold sparkling Chardonnay

You’re a cool climate chardonnay from Oregon. You got the easy questions, but there’s still room to develop… in the same way that many chardonnays have the potential to age and gain complexity! If you’re thirsty for more Chardonnay knowledge, consider subscribing to the Daily Drop newsletter where you’ll be fed one daily fact about wine to improve your knowledge over time!
Pale Gold

Medium Gold Chardonnay Wine

You’re a pale gold Chardonnay from Chile. While you might not be a full-bodied white Burgundy, you have room to age and improve your Chardonnay expertise. Expand your knowledge with Wine365’s articles and tips and you’ll be a Chardonnay expert soon enough!
Deep Gold

Dark Gold Chardonnay

You’re a deep gold Chardonnay from Napa, rich in body, flavor, and knowledge! If this Chardonnay quiz was too easy for you, be sure to check out more Wine365 quizzes and test your knowledge of other wine regions.

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