Our new tradition in #ThisRuffHouse is to host a fancy Friendsmas dinner party complete with overdressed guests, a beef Wellington, and tons of Champagne to wash it down. It has become a festive tradition where we can raise a glass of the finest bubbles, nosh on some tasty tidbits, and enjoy the holidays with good friends for a truly special night in. We set up a beautiful Champagne dinner party to enjoy our favorite Champagne Taittinger in style. Here’s how to set the right ambiance at home to host your own fancy champagne dinner party.

How to Host a Champagne Dinner Party at Home

Tip One: Dress it up

Dinner party - dressing up (1)
Ask guests to dress up for a Champagne dinner party and let everyone get fancy for an evening.

If you’re going to do a champagne dinner party, make it really special. Provide a unique experience and make sure everyone is ready to participate. Our friends always look for a way to wear a grandmother’s fur or their velvet blazer, so give them that excuse by making your dinner a jackets and formal-wear required event.

Tip Two: Get moody

Set the mood to match. We load the table up with candles and dim the lights to channel a swanky NYC-style bar for our fête.


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