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In September 1932 Pierre Taittinger  acquired the venerable Champagne firm of Forest-Fourneaux, founded in 1734 and the third oldest Champagne house in existence at the time. He began to restructure the firm and to expand its vineyard holdings in some of the finest producing areas of Champagne. 

Today, Champagne Taittinger is one of the few remaining family owned and operated Champagne houses. The firm is distinguished for its extensive vineyard holdings of 712 acres. Unlike most large houses, Champagne Taittinger relies primarily on estate grapes for its portfolio of Champagnes.

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Vitalie Taittinger

Vitalie Taittinger is the eldest daughter of Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger. She has always been passionate about drawing, painting and design, and has a degree from the Emile Cohl School of Design in Lyon. She joined Taittinger in 2007.

Today Vitalie uses her artistic talents at Champagne Taittinger. Her mission: to develop and reinforce the image of the Champagne House. She embodies the unique style of the Taittinger Champagne House and pursues those everyday moments of joy. “As soon as you decide to live your life each day to the fullest, every day will quickly become more special and meaningful”. She lives in Reims with her husband and children.

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