Unless you’re going for a showy, celebratory “Pop!” and don’t mind: a) risking injury, b) risking breakage of lights, lamps, or chandeliers, and c) wasting a glass or two of wine, then resist popping the Champagne cork.

How do you open a bottle of Champagne carefully? Instead of gripping the bottle in your palms and pushing out the cork with your thumbs, hold your hand over the cork and twist off while gently pulling out. Make sure your palm is over the cork, or it will fly out from your grip. If you want to be especially careful, open with a napkin overtop. And if the wine is anything less than perfectly chilled, it has a greater chance of a stronger POP! and the wine chugging out no matter how careful you are.

And if you do want to go for show…try a Champagne tower.

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