How do wines change in color as they age?

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As red wines age, the violet and ruby red tones lose some of that vibrancy and become garnet or brick red of a lighter hue. Bright, light white wines will deepen in color and become a darker gold.

Which white wine is most likely to age well?

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A Gewürztraminer from Alsace, France could age beautifully for many years, even decades. Generally speaking, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio do not lend themselves to aging, and while some Chardonnays are built to age fantastically, like Burgundy...that $8 bottle probably wasn't made with longevity in mind!

What happens to a wine's scents and flavors as it ages?

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Tertiary notes are scents and flavors such as dried cigar tobacco, butterscotch, truffle, and earthiness which you won't find in a young wine.

When can a rosé wine be aged?

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Rosé wines are usually made to be drunk as fresh and young as possible, ideally the year they are released. The flavors will start to "fall flat" and taste old if you keep it much longer. However, a few rosé wines are built to last: For example, vintage rosé Champagnes, and also deep pink Tavel wines from France, which have a the intensity of fruit flavor, body, and structure to age for 3-5 years.

What is the best way to age wine?

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Warm temperatures, light, and any disturbance (even trains regularly passing by and causing small vibrations if you live near tracks) will disturb the aging process and make the wine age faster--and not necessarily gracefully, so don't think you can get age a young Barolo ready faster by baking it on a sunny windowsill!

How Much Do You Know about Wine Aging?
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