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This versatile white grape can be grown in a variety of climates and produces wines in many different styles. If grown in a warm climate, this grape will produce a wine with tropical fruit flavors of pineapple, guava, and banana.

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This red grape is famous for producing wines with notes of cherry, strawberry, violet, and mushroom. It produces wines with moderate tannins and body, and the rim of the glass will be ruby red.

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If this white wine comes from New Zealand, you might notice vibrant acidity accompanied by the distinct smell of grapefruit. If this wine comes from France, you will notice citrus fruits accompanied by a lingering hint of herbaciousness.

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Upon tasting this wine, you’ll immediately notice vibrant acidity. This wine can be sweet or dry and typically presents notes of lime, stone fruit, florals, and often a hint of petrol.

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This wine has jammy fruit notes of raspberry, blackberry, and raisins. On the palate, you might notice a hot, tactile sensation due to this varietal wine’s tendency to produce high alcohol wines.

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This white grape makes wines that feature notes of lemon, lime, and green apple with a distinct waxy texture on the palate.

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This aromatic grape produces wines that can be medium- to full-bodied with notes of grapefruit, lychee, peach, and floral notes.

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This complex wine smells of cherry, blackberry, tar, and roses. On the palate, you will notice high tannins, especially if this wine is young.

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This Italian grape might produce a wine with a slight orange hue around the rim of the glass. It features a bouquet of sour cherry and orange peel, and you will notice its apparent acidity and strong tannins.

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This typically dry white wine has notes of lemon, lime, grapefruit, and white pepper. Upon tasting this wine, you might notice vibrant acidity that “explodes” in your mouth like pop rocks.

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With a little practice, you can improve your skills and your score. Review this quiz and make note of the key tasting notes for each variety. Then apply this information when you taste at home and see if you can identify them. When it comes to wine tasting, practice makes perfect, and you will have a great time learning. In addition to that, consider subscribing to the Daily Drop for a daily wine fact that will gradually build your knowledge.
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It looks like you’ve done your fair share of field research! Have fun at home and try practicing your tasting skills using Wine365’s Sip of the Day suggestions. Use these wines as a reference against these tasting notes, and see if you can identify key smells and flavors that makes that varietal wine stand out. Happy tasting!
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Great job identifying these varieties! I would fear you if we were competing for a blind tasting competition. Test your knowledge with more Wine365 quizzes and see if your up for the challenge of some of our advanced / intermediate level quizzes.

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  2. On your grape synonym quiz, Blaufrankisch comes from Austria not Germany. Germany is Lemberger.

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