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Which country uses Geographical Indications (GI’s) to identify their designated wine regions?

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In Australia, there are a series of Regions, Super Zones, Subregions, and Zones. Which of the below is the correct order of descending categorization?

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What is the native Māori name for New Zealand, translating to “Land of the long white cloud”?

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Central Otago is one of the southernmost wine regions in the world. Where is this region located?

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Coonawarra is a region in _____ known for its terra rosa soil that is famous for producing world class wine from _____.

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Sunny _____ is a region in New Zealand’s South Island that is rightfully nicknamed for its abundant sunshine.

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Where is Hunter Valley located?

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Gisborne is the first wine region in the world to see dawn. Where is this quality production region located?

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Margaret River is a region famed for making wines in the old-world style. Where is this wine region located?

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What are the leading red and white grapes of New Zealand?

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What are the leading red and white grapes of Australia?

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Where is the cooler growing region of Yarra Valley located?

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