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As of this date, _______, Italian Prosecco producers can produce Prosecco Rosé under the Prosecco DOC.

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What unique red grape is used in the production of Cava Rosé?

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What is the only red grape allowed to be used in the making of Prosecco Rosé?

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French appellations do not allow for the blending of red and white wine to make rosé except in this region:

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______ rosé production method is when the grapes are picked and left to macerate a short time on the skins. After that period, anywhere from two hours to two days, a portion of the juice is bled off the skins to make rosé, while the remaining juice is used to make red wine.

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Rosés from Bandol can only be made with the following grape:

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Select the grape below that is typically used for rosés from the Loire Valley.

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Most rosés are meant to be drunk young, within one year of bottling. Select the type of rosé below with the greatest capacity to age.

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Spanish rosés are called ____ while Italian rosés are called ____.

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The _____ method is used for making very pale rosés like those found in Provence. These grapes do not go through a maceration period. The grapes are picked and quickly pressed so that the juice is immediately drawn off the skins. As the skins break, the juice will take on some color and fruit flavor from the skin, resulting in a pale rosé.

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Rosé in Europe
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