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What is a shared AVA between Idaho and Washington State?

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What is the shared AVA between Napa and Sonoma Counties?

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What AVA is shared by Marin County and Sonoma County?

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What three AVAs are shared between Oregon and Washington?

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What AVA is shared with Idaho and Oregon?

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Shared West Coast AVA Quiz
You will do better with some practice!

With a little practice, you’ll start learning these AVA’s in no time. The best way to learn is by reading articles and reviewing maps. It might not be as exciting as driving up and down the US West coast, but it’s a start!
Well done!

You’ve definitely studied up on your geography! This is a challenging quiz, so you should be proud. The trickiest part of studying is understanding exactly where each piece fits into the puzzle. You’re soon to be an expert.
You know your geography!

Boy, are you West Coast-savvy! Be sure to share your quiz results with friends to see how they stack up to your expertise.

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