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Limited Edition Wines

High-quality, low-production wines that are otherwise difficult to find.

Reverse Bordeaux blend from Argentina. What, you don’t have any reverse Bordeaux blends in your cellar? Start with this one.

Arguably the best Syrah made in South America — maybe all of the Americas. Yet people laughed when the vineyard was planted.

An organic blend from 40-year-old vines growing at an altitude over 600 feet above sea level.

Just the name is a mouthful — and so is the wine. From the vaunted 2020 vintage, this white Burgundy is just starting to wake up.

Oh, oops, we did it again — another 2020 Burgundy, and like the blanc, it’s b-b-b-bad to the Beaune. Sock it away in your cellar.

The last 2020 Burgundy you’ll see today. A robust Beaujolais offering a fleshy texture and greater longevity than any other Beaujolais cru.

This is a Super Tuscan – kind of like the Italian wine version of a super hero. 2018 was a spectacular vintage for Tuscany, so you’ll want this for your cellar.

Another Super Tuscan, but from the previous year. 2017 was not quite as spectacular as 2018, and it takes an expert to know from which wineries to trust in this vintage. Luckily, we have the expertise, and this is a bargain.

It’s not an old tawny – it’s a VERY old tawny. Blended from over 100 years of wine, and made specifically for “The Kings Man” movie. Grab one of the 20 bottles left in the world if you’re a serious fan of the film franchise — it’s a collector’s item.

Wines To Chill With

Light, crisp, refreshing wines best served chilled

Think you know sparkling wine? Think again – this is from France, made like Champagne, but something else entirely.

An easy drinking white wine when you’re seeking a relaxing time.

The OG Rose (mic drops).

The Oddballs

Wines that just don’t fit any particular category, yet are amazing values.

If you know, you know. This biodynamic Pinot Gris from Alsace is the bomb. There are exactly 30 bottles left of this tiny production wine that can live in your cellar for at least a decade.

As Frank Sinatra sang, “oh the Sommerberg, came pouring in, from across the sea …” Seriously, if you know what this is, you are jumping on it, because it can’t be found elsewhere and right here are the last 18 bottles.

The “king of wines” and “wine for kings” is either Barolo or Barbaresco — depending on who you talk to. Both noble wines are made from Nebbiolo grapes grown in the Piedmont. This Nebbiolo from Piedmont is at least one-third the price of those wines and can be enjoyed RIGHT NOW. What are you waiting for?

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