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Where can Champagne be produced?

Domaine Evremond Taittinger Champagne vineyard in England
There is only one place and it is in France
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In Europe, wines take the name of the location where they are produced. Champagne is a region just northeast of Paris. It is only here where sparkling wines can take the name "Champagne" and where Champagne can be produced.

Name the three dominant grape varieties used in the production of Champagne

Basket of Pinot Noir red wine grapes
One is a white grape, two are red grapes
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Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier all thrive in cool climate regions, such as Champagne. Their delicate aromas and high acidity make them perfect blending grapes for the world's most famous sparkling wine: Champagne!

How does a winemaker make Moscato sweet?

Woman holding glass of sparkling wine and bottle of Caposaldo Moscato
They do not add sugar
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Alcoholic fermentation naturally transforms grape juice into alcohol. The winemaker stops this process halfway through (early), resulting in a low alcohol wine with lots of yummy sweet fruit juice.

Does Prosecco Rose exist?

Caposaldo Prosecco Rose
This law just changed in 2020
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In Europe, there are very strict wine laws. In June of 2020, Italy finally approved the additional use of Pinot Noir (15%) to make Prosecco Rose. The first release will be January 2021. Exciting!

Where does Cava come from?

Poema Cava Cellar
The same place known for Iberico ham and bullfighting.
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Cava translates to ‘caves’, where this Spanish sparkling wine is traditionally stored. Cava is made by similar laws to that of Champagne. While Cava can be made in almost all areas of Spain, most of it is produced in the region of Cataluna.

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