Instead of dwelling on the fact that this is our last full month of summer, we’re going to stubbornly crack open the rosé, soak in the sunshine, and enjoy these wine reads. Think happy thoughts, like wineries to visit and how your next bottle shot is going to be a wine thirst trap after reading the bottle photography guide (link below!).

Submarine robot captures underwater footage of ancient Roman ship laden with wine jars – video: Dive into wine history and consider that the wine you sip today is part of a wine trade that may be just as booming as that of the Ancient Romans.

The 25 Best Wineries in the United States: There’s a winery in every one of the 50 states, which means you can go wine-tasting from sea to shining sea. Katy Spratt Joyce helps narrow down your selection.

Bad Luck In Booze In Honor Of Friday The 13th: We’re safely past Friday the 13th, but another one is bound to roll around—it does on average 1.7 times a year, after all. Emily Bell has collected some bad-news-booze-bear stories that will make your bad day seem just fine, in comparison.

9 Outstanding Chianti Classicos for $25 or Less: Who doesn’t love a Chianti Classico, especially at this price point? Bruce Sanderson suggests real stunners, all of which will pair perfectly with a red sauce.

How to Take Better Bottle Shots: Everyone with a smart phone is a photographer today, and whether you’re in the drinks biz or not, we could all use pointers on better bottle shots. Rachel Tepper Paley has got your back with actionable points.

A Comprehensive Guide to Sassicaia Wines: The wine, the myth, the legend. Here are a few facts to wow your wine friends about this famous Super Tuscan.

What Climate Change Might Do to Your Favorite Wine: Lettie Teague digs in deep to question what happens when the inevitable, fast-approached climate change alters your favorite terroir-driven wines. It’s a question any wine lover should be asking themselves.

Champagne Wishes and Climate Change Dreams: On the heels of the above, Florence Fabricant reviews the new documentary, “Sparkling: The Story of Champagne,” which also touches on an unexpected consequence: new wine regions. England, for example, shares the same geographic line of soil as…Champagne.

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