New Year, new wine goals! Isn’t that how January goes? This month, we rounded up the Wine365 team’s 2021 Wine Resolutions, and some of us pulled our inspiration from the great wine articles and books listed below.

These bargain wines — a Sicilian red and a French white — will pair with any casual meal, (paywall, Washington Post). If you need inspiration for tomorrow night’s dinner, here are five excellent wine choices and dishes to match.

Wine Simple: A Totally Approachable Guide from a World-Class Sommelier. This fun to read, easy to digest, and pleasing to look at wine book by Aldo Sohm, Wine Director of Le Bernardin and Aldo Sohm Wine Bar, is a delight. Grab a glass of wine and read it from beginning to end, or pick it up and start anywhere—you’re bound to be sucked right in.

8 Ways to Use Wine for Facial Care. Apparently, red wine is good for your beauty routine both in the glass and when applied topically! Esther Muchene has the details. We’re willing to try each step and report back (many of the topical treatments call for just a tablespoon or two of wine, so don’t worry about wasting).

The 3 Healthiest Types of Wine, According to Registered Dietitians: If you’re looking to cut calories in the early months of 2021 (because let’s be real, once January is gone we all go back to the status quo), Betty Gold lists the kind of wines you should reach for.

Jimmy Butler’s Love of Wine Started Out As a Lie He Told Mark Wahlberg, by Joe Kozlowski. Was your literal first glass of wine a glass of 2010 Sassicaia with Mark Wahlberg? It’s no surprise that Jimmy Butler, NBA for Miami Heat, loved wine after tasting that Super Tuscan.

How to Un-WINE-ed During the Stay-at-Home Order. Mary Thompson shows fun ways to enjoy wine while we are still in the midst of lockdown and unable to enjoy dining out: recommendations for movies, TV shows, books, wine boxes, virtual tastings, and more.

Getting Back My Nose After a COVID KO. Wine critic Robert Camuto keeps it real: what it’s like for a wine critic to lose his sense of smell, and to slowly regain it, one sniff of black peppercorn and balsam at a time.

Why Vintage Champagnes Are the Best Bottles to Pop on Valentine’s Day—or Any Other Day: Let the World Wine Guys, Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen, convince you to splurge for that vintage Champagne. Valentine’s Day is only once a year, after all!

6 of the Best Wines to Pair with Pizza: Just try to read this article by Keith Beavers and not order a pizza, stat. The best kind of wines to pair? Fruit forward and easy-drinking.

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