Somehow January has already come and gone and February, with its attendant Valentine’s Day that is really just an excuse for wine lovers to enjoy a special bottle (or show one off to impress…which we completely support!), is upon us. We’ve gathered good articles we came across this month both about and beyond V-Day.

Still stuck for ideas on how to show your appreciation for your S.O.? Check out Valentine’s Day Wine and Date Night Ideas, make him or her this fantastic Sparkling Strawberry and Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta…or just have a blast with your best gals: How to Throw A Very Bubbly Galentine’s Day Party.

10 Outstanding Barolos to Buy Right Now—to Drink or Cellar: Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen did the hard work for you and picked their favorite bottles of this “king of wines and wine of kings.” Good to know these can also be enjoyed right away or tucked away for a special occasion/rainy day.

These Photos Show a Prohibition-Era Shipwreck Where Al Capone Once Partied: Where would you enjoy a glass of vino if you had to make it through Prohibition? On a party boat on the middle of a big ol’ lake where there’s minimal chance of getting caught!

The Loire Is for Lovers: My Romantic Weekend in France’s Loire Valley: Slip Becca Hensley’s trip in your back pocket for next Valentine’s Day—or for V-Day this year, if you really want to wow your S.O. with last-minute tix to France.

Wine, etc.: Pinot noirs you should consider for that special Valentine’s dinner: Tom Marquardt and Patrick Darr mention some lovely Pinots to try for the special day coming up…as well as some delicious Lambrusco bubblies (not made of Pinot Noir) you’ll definitely want to consider.

By the Bottle: Wines for Valentine’s Day: More recommendations for Valentine’s Day from John Vankat—yes, please! What can be more romantic than the Italian reds that he includes, a Nebbiolo and a Brunello?

How to enhance your wine enjoyment in the new year or anytime: Peg San Felippo suggests drinking outside of your comfort zone, and even traveling to those wine regions you’re not used to if you’re able, to keep your curiosity and passion of wine alive.

What Is Organic Wine and What Are the Benefits of Drinking Organic Wines? Amy Reiley examines this valid question that’s always good to return to, addresses common questions and concerns, and suggests several delicious bottles that fit the bill.

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