Spring is here! It doesn’t feel particularly conducive to flowers or sunshine on the East coast, but at least we know budbreak in Napa has happened—and that’s the unofficial start to spring. In the meantime, we’ll keep drinking our favorite winter Cabernet Sauvignons and Carménères, and line up our bottles of Pinot Noir for the warm weather transition. Read on for wines to drink and places to visit to enjoy your spring to the fullest.

The Weekender: Porto – What to drink, see, eat and do in the fortified wine capital of the world – If Porto is not on your travel list, include it now. Celine Bossart highlights all the best things to do, see, and taste for wine lovers to this beautiful Portuguese city.

How the Weed & Wine Worlds are Merging – Did you know that many of the flavor and scent palettes of wine and cannabis actually combine beautifully? Shayna Conde explores how enjoying the two (responsibly) can lead to incredible flavor combinations.

Napa Valley Sees Bud Break – As Sam Jones reports, bud break happened this month in Napa! If you’re interested in how wine gets to your bottle, the 2022 vintage starts here.

15 Top Napa Valley Wineries to Visit – Lyn Mettler lists out where you can enjoy European-inspired architecture, unique art installations, and all the lushest vineyards in Napa Valley. Start planning your road trip.

The Most Popular Grape Varieties in the Top 25 Wine Producing Nations – For a quick look at top grape varieties in the world’s top wine-producing countries, check out this groovy infographic.

The World’s Most Wanted Champagnes – Not that you’ll necessarily get the chance to taste a $1400+ bottle of Champagne, but for the sake of eyeing the top names in Champagne, Don Kavanagh has listed out the most-wanted bottles.

The World’s Most Wanted Pinot Gris – Here’s a list Don Kavanagh put together that the rest of us plebs can aspire to: see what the world is reaching for when it comes to Pinot Gris.

#WomenMakingWine 2022 part 5: Stephanie Jacobs, Winemaker Cakebread Cellars – Ashley Lewis of @smashleythegrape has collected a great line-up of women winemakers and interviewed them on her blog. Here is just one of many great highlights.

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