Still going through your Thanksgiving leftovers? Us, too (happily). It’s easy to recreate the Turkey Day plate, whip up a turkey-taters-cranberry sauce sandwich, or use a dozen other leftover Thanksgiving Day recipes, but do you know what you’ll do with the leftover libations (if you have any)? You might want to listen to What to Do with Leftover Wine—it will be helpful in the upcoming festivities, too. Incidentally, the articles we read in November also give excellent advice for the coming holiday season. Happy reading!

Pop the Bubbly! But Which? Ten Words That Will Make Your Choice Easier: Let Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher be your guides for thinking about, ordering, buying, and drinking bubbly like you know exactly what you’re talking about (and after reading this, you will!).

Fine Sparkling Wines, Other Than Champagne: Where is your sparkling wine from? Gary Twining lists out the other countries and wine regions to keep in mind that produce excellent quality sparkling wine.

Our Favorite Sparkling Wines for 2021: From Portugal to Sonoma, Kyle Swartz lists out his tasting panel’s top choices of sparkling wine from 2021. You’ll want to stick this on your fridge.

What Does ‘Cuvée’ Mean in Wine?: Short answer, there’s not just one meaning. Stacy Briscoe gives us a vocab lesson in vino.

Slow and Steady Sipping for the Holidays: Erin Hunt Moore has gathered ideas for low-ABV libations for lighter celebrations this holiday season, including sparkling wine, vermouth, lillet, and more.

The 10 Best Moscato Wines to Have in Your Cellar: Reading this brief primer on Muscat, or Moscato, by Lily Wordsmith will have your mouth watering for one of these lightly sweet, lightly frizzante wines immediately. Luckily, she also suggested 10 sure bets.

The Cult Wine of 121 B.C.: Wonder if they called them “unicorn wines” in B.C., too? Ben O’Donnell’s article on the ancient wine world is fascinating (did you know they also understood the concept of terroir? And that white wines from white grapes was considered most special?).

White Wines in The Winter, Why Not? Top Picks from New York Sommeliers: Cold weather doesn’t mean you can only drink red wines, of course. The team at Crave Local points out principles to follow while selecting a white wine in the winter, and suggested sips.

The 9 Best Wines Under $15 in 2021, According to Wine Lovers. Leah Goggins delivers recommendations for providing your guests (and yourself!) with great wines that also help you stay on track with your budget.

Why Sake Is the Perfect Pairing for Your Holiday Meal: Georgia Freedman makes the case for sake pairings with your holiday dishes—yes, even if you’re not eating sushi for Christmas—with several recommendations.

New Wine Documentary ‘A Wonderful Kingdom’ Explores Douro Valley Traditions: Forget Napa and Sideways: Shawn Zylberberg reviews this new documentary set in the gorgeous landscape of the Douro Valley, Portugal, where filming has become quietly, steadily more popular.

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