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When it comes to salty foods like olives, potato chips, soy sauce, and parmesan, what are the best wines to pair with these foods?

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Salty food is generally “wine-friendly,” and it makes a wine taste smoother and richer while decreasing the perceived bitterness and acidity in the wine.

Many acidic foods such as ceviche, lemon chicken, and salads with vinaigrettes require a specific wine pairing to make balance the bright acidity in the dish. What is the best wine to pair with high acid foods?

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Foods that are high in acidity require a higher acid wine to create balance. The acidity in food cancels out the acidity in a wine, making the wine seem fruitier, sweeter, and richer.

When cooking a highly flavored meal like beef bourguignon, duck, or cassoulet, you will want to pair with a wine of _______.

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Wine and food should always balance each other. Foods with big flavors need a bold wine to complement it, otherwise the wine will be overwhelmed by the food.

High-fat foods like salmon, sausage, walnuts, and dishes with lots of butter pair well with __________.

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Fat in foods make wines taste like they have less acidity than they do. To create a great pairing with fatty foods, it’s recommended that you pick a high acid wine to cut through the fat.

Spicy foods like buffalo wings, kimchi, and Thai chili sauce can be tricky when trying to pick the perfect wine pairing. When it comes to spice, the best wines should be ______.

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Spice tends to increase the burning sensation of alcohol and decrease the fruitiness of wine. Because of this, it’s best to pair spicy foods with a low alcohol wine that have some sweetness, like Moscato d'Asti or old-world Riesling.

For our friends with a sweet tooth for cookies, pastries, and chocolate: the best wines to eat with treats are _____.

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As mentioned before , wine and food pairings should be balanced, and dessert foods are no exception to this rule. Sweet foods decrease the perceived sweetness in wine, so they should be paired with wines that have some residual sugar.

Savory (umami) foods like mushrooms, shellfish, and gravies can be tricky when it comes to wine pairings because they increase the bitterness and acidity perceived in the wine. The best wines for umami foods are _____.

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If you pair a high tannin, low acid wine with umami, your wine might seem dull and bitter. Fruity, low tannin wines are perfect for savory foods because they will not seem too bitter with your menu selections.

Wine and Food Pairing
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While there aren’t set-in-stone rules to wine and food pairings, these are the basic guidelines that one should follow when planning the perfect pairing menu. For more helpful information, subscribe to the Daily Drop to get a wine fact every day that will take you from novice to expert!
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Well done for a first try. It seems like you know some of the basics when it comes to wine and food pairings! Check out some Wine365 recipes to get a sense of how top food professionals make perfect pairings. When you’re ready, come back and take this quiz again to see if you can improve your score.
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You might know that wine and food pairings aren’t an exact science, but you do have a solid groundwork to making smart decisions when it comes wine and food choices. Well done! Be sure to check out more Wine365 quizzes to test your knowledge in additional ways.

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