Do you read your daily horoscope on the sly? Have you pondered how your zodiac personality traits affect your life and, most importantly, your wine choices? The team at Wine365 decided to have some fun for spring and answer the existential zodiac and wine pairing question for you.

Aries kicks off the new zodiac cycle on March 21, and while you will not find any crystal ball predictions here, we hope to provide some amusement and encourage you to try some beautiful wines, even if they are outside of your zodiac sign.

Read on to discover what’s in your crystal wine glass.

Aries, ram

Aries (Ram): Cabernet Sauvignon or Sangiovese

Aries are natural-born leaders, honest and generous. People born under this sign are not afraid to express their opinion and take risks. The perfect wine for this Sun sign hails from the sunny coast of Tuscany from Tenuta San Guido; Sassicaia is a wine that was unafraid to challenge the norms and create a category all its own.

Wine to try: Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia Bolgheri Sassicaia DOC

…if you are a Ram on a budget, try Sassicaia’s little brother Guidalberto Toscana IGT, a Cabernet-Sauvignon-Merlot blend.

Notable Aries in wine and food: Adrian Bridge, Taylor Fladgate; Helena Lindberg, Winemaker for Tenuta di Biserno; David Bonomi, Chief Winemaker for Bodega Norton; Joël Robuchon; Daniel Boulud

Wine365 staff: Joe Janish, Editor in Chief and our leader

Taurus, bull

Taurus (Bull): Syrah

This Earth sign is practical, enduring, stoic, determined, ambitious, and enjoys all earthly delights. Ruled by the planet Venus, they share her beauty, artistry, hedonism, and love of luxury and comfort. An earthy Syrah with its powerful earthy aromas and rich, velvety texture will be a perfect match for this magical creature.

Wine to try: Craggy Range Le Sol Gimblett Gravels Vineyard from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

…for the Bull on a budget, we recommend Montes Alpha Syrah from Chile

Notable Taurus in wine and food: John Adlum, father of American viticulture; James Beard; Ferrand Adria

Wine 365 staff: Jack Horn

Gemini, twins

Gemini (Twins): Sparkling Wine

Entertaining, intelligent, curious, youthful, and refreshing are just some of the adjectives that describe Geminis – you will never be bored in their company. An equally refreshing and playful wine to suit their personality would be a Carneros Sparkling Rosé, a vibrant sparkling wine from the New World that perfectly captures the adventurous spirit of Geminis, and it is a great way to greet the summer.

Wine to try: Domaine Carneros Brut Rosé Cuvée de la Pompadour from California

…for the ever-curious Twin on a hunt for a deal, we recommend Alta Vista Brut Rosé of Malbec from Argentina.

Notable Geminis in wine and food: Robert Mondavi; Alberto Antonini, Oenologist; Masaharu Morimoto; Jacques Torres; Jamie Oliver

Cancer, crab

Cancer (Crab): Chardonnay

Those born under the cardinal Water sign are creative, generous, sensitive, and intuitive character readers. The Crab has the uncanny ability to size up people at first sight. They are fiercely loyal and loving to their friends and family. A wine that inspires the same loyalty steadfastness is Chardonnay which has many expressions depending on the terroir and is yet familiar and comforting.

Wine to try: Maison Louis Jadot Puligny-Montrachet from Burgundy

…the budget-conscious Crab should try a New World St. Francis Sonoma County Chardonnay.

Notable Cancers in wine and food: Vitalie Taittinger, CEO of Champagne Taittinger; Eric Asimov, New York Times; Jose Andres; Wolfgang Puck; Anthony Bourdain

Wine 365 Staff: Jillian Lepore

Zodiac, horoscope, star sign, Leo, lion

Leo (The Lion): Champagne

Leos are confident, ambitious, passionate, with a zest for life. They exude charisma and know-how to get attention and be the center of the party without trying too hard. As such, nothing but Champagne would do for the King of the Jungle and the life of the party.

Wine to try: Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blanc

…for the Leos on a budget, we recommend another sparkling gem from France, Bouvet-Ladubay Cremant de Loire.

Notable Leos in wine and food: Giovanni Folonari of Tenuta di Nozzole; Guillaume Large, Winemaker for Resonance Winery; Fredrick Barnier, Winemaker for Maison Louis Jadot; Julia Child; Alton Brown; Giada De Laurentiis; Geoffrey Zakarian

Zodiac, horoscope, star sign, virgo

Virgo (The Virgin): Gamay; Beaujolais

Dependable, hardworking, witty, and resourceful, Virgos are known to be practical and profoundly rooted in their ways. Just as earthy and deeply rooted is the Gamay grape, dating back 2000 years to Julius Caesar. Moulin-a-Vent Beaujolais Cru, with its deep ruby color, earthy aromas, and capability to age 5-10-20 years will suit the Virgo taste to a t.

Wine to try: Chateau des Jacques Moulin-à-Vent, a Beaujolais Cru

…for the Virgo on a budget, try Maison Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages.

Notable Virgos in wine and food: Emilia Nardi for Tenute Silvio Nardi; Alain Ducasse; Rachel Ray; Michael Symon

Wine 365 staff: Jennica Ossi

Zodiac, horoscope, star sign, libra, balance, scales

Libra (The Balance): Vintage Port

Speaking of balance, here come the Libras, the social butterflies of the zodiac! Libras are great diplomats, calm, personable, great listeners, crusaders for justice, outgoing and compassionate creatures. A fine vintage Port with its many layers and smooth velvety tannins could be the perfect libation for the Libra to curl up with a book or have a leisurely chat with an old friend.

Wine to try: Taylor Fladgate Classic Vintage Port

…for Libra on a budget, we suggest Fonseca BIN 27

Notable Libras in wine and food: Jacques Lardiere for Maison Louis Jadot; David Guimaraens for Taylor Fladgate; Emeril Lagasse; Thomas Keller

Wine365 staff: Diana Zahuranec

Zodiac, horoscope, star sign, scorpio, scorpion

Scorpio (The Scorpion): Barolo

Determined, brave, loyal, secretive, passionate, complex…to list but a few of Scorpio’s traits.  No other wine will do for the most complex personality sign of the zodiac but Barolo. This Nebbiolo-based wine is equally complex and multi-layered, with ever-changing flavors as the wine ages.

Wine to try: Michele Chiarlo Cerequio Barolo DOCG

…for the thrifty Scorpio, we recommend you give Michele Chiarlo’s Barbera d’Asti Le Orme a try

Notable Scorpios in wine and food: Giacomo Tachis, Italian Oenologist; Jim Barrett, Chateau Montelena; Auguste Escoffier; Gordon Ramsey; Jiro Ono

Wine365 staff: Elizabeth Gillespie, Gabrielle Tapia  

Zodiac, horoscope, star sign, Sagittarius, archer

Sagittarius (Archer): Cabernet Sauvignon

Sagittarius, always planning something new and exciting, constantly on the move, are the quintessential trend- and jet-setters of the zodiac. Like our adventurous sign, Cabernet Sauvignon has had its own whirlwind adventure: since its birth in 17th century southwest France, it has conquered all four corners of the world as one of the most revered red wine varietals, producing wines with diverse and distinct aromas and characteristics based on terroir.

Wine to try: Sequoia Grove Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

…for the deal shooter, we recommend Bodega Norton 1895 Colección Cabernet Sauvignon

Notable Sagittarius in wine and food: Patrick de Suarez d’Aulan of Alta Vista Winery; Piero Incisa della Rocchetta of Bodega Chacra; Elmer Swenson, pioneering grape breeder; Jacques Pepin; Bobby Flay

Zodiac, horoscope, star sign, Capricorn, goat

Capricorn (Goat): Brunello di Montalcino

Capricorns are patient and reserved, goal-driven, resourceful, with high standards and expectations of themselves and others. Brunello is the perfect wine choice for this patient perfectionist since it needs a minimum of five years’ aging before a vintage is released.

Wine to try: Silvio Nardi Brunello di Montalcino Manachiara DOCG

…equally as good but more budget-friendly we suggest the Goat tries a red Umbrian wine, Tenuta di Salviano Turlo Lago di Corbara DOC

Notable Capricorns in wine and food: Franco Biondi Santi; Bruno Barbieri, Chef; Nadiya Hussain, Chef; Graham Elliot, Chef

Zodiac, horoscope, star sign, Aquarius, water, pitcher

Aquarius (The Wine Water Bearer): Pinot Noir

The zodiac humanitarians are analytical, original, eccentric, opinionated, and easily bored—these are but a few Aquarian traits that come to mind.  This air sign likes to be challenged and kept interested, so what better match than Pinot Noir? This difficult-to-cultivate variety presents vineyard managers and winemakers with plenty of surprises before and after it turns into wine.

Its versatility, complexity, and ability to drink now or age can delight an Aquarian for years to come.

Wine to try: Maison Louis Jadot: any Grand or Premier Cru

…for the slightly more budget-conscious water bearer, we suggest you try Résonance Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley, Oregon

Notable Aquarius in wine and food: Katie Madigan, Winemaker for St. Francis Winery & Vineayrds; Molly Hill, Winemaker for Sequoia Grove; Paul Bocuse; Ina Garten; Marcus Samuelsson

Wine365 staff: Vesselina Stoyanova

Zodiac, horoscope, star sign, Pisces, fish

Pisces (Fish): Riesling

Pisces are the dreamers and the artists of the zodiac. They are genuine, sensitive, intuitive, extremely creative, and willing to try new things.  With its complexity and versatility in expressions, the noble Riesling is the only grape that can keep the interest and creative genius going in the Fish.

Wine to try: Domaine Zind-Humbrecht Cru

…a good value option for the Fish would be The Seeker Riesling

Notable Pisces in wine and food: Olivier Humbrecht, Winemaker for Domaine Zind-Humbrecht, MW; Julian Grounds, Winemaker for Craggy Range Winery; Sir Gerard Francis Claude Basset, MW; Eric Ripert; Lydia Bastianich

The next time you reach for a bottle of wine or the wine list, keep the stars in mind. Or why not be adventurous and try the full zodiac? Who knows, maybe you’ll discover you’re a better match for your Rising Sign or Moon Sign wine.


Vesselina Stoyanova, WSET II, attended gastronomy school in Bulgaria before migrating to the United States in 1991. She has worked in the wine and spirits industry for over 20 years and uses her combined knowledge of wine and food to create extraordinary combinations. Vessie is our go-to expert on perfect pairings providing recipe inspiration and culinary wisdom.

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