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What percentage of wine is water?

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What percentage of most table wines is alcohol?

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Most wines in the market are made from the _____ grape species.

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What is an example of a variety?

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Stainless steel is considered a(n) ____ vessel for wine fermentation: meaning it does not impart additional flavors or compounds into the finished wine.

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What is an example of post-fermentation wine production technique?

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_______ is the process when grapes are first received by the wine production facility and are put on a table or belt where leaves, unfavorable grapes, and debris are eliminated.

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What is the fungus that commonly affects some of the worlds most desired dessert wines?

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Which months are typical for grape harvesting in the northern hemisphere?

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What is the most commonly grown grape in the world?

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What answer best completes this wine making equation? (Grapes) Sugar + Yeast = _____________

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Winemaking Trivia
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