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Chateau d’Aqueria Tavel Rose

The intense pink color is characteristic of a great Tavel and shines with bright red glints. Aromas of raspberry and strawberry share the glass with peppery notes. The wine is balanced and flavorful, and the finish is long with caramel notes

Bouvet Ladubay Saphir

Saumur was one of the earliest appellations of the Loire Valley. Named after the saphir or sapphire gemstone, this sparkling wine is a “high resolution” Saumur Brut with heightened depth and finesse. Pale gold with amber tints, crystal-clear fine bubbles. Full-bodied with long lasting aromas of white flowers, peach, acacia, honey, hazelnut. Balanced and Fresh style.

Cabreo II Borgo

Since 1982, Cabreo has expressed the perfect harmony between tradition, innovation and suitability for the territory in which it is born: Greve in Chianti. This wine is the result of a careful blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese, which respectively give softness, strength and elegance, and of a long aging in small French oak barrels.


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