Silvina Palacio

Silvina started her wine blog “Thoughts of La Wina” in 2019 to teach interested students at the New School for Social Research (NYC) about wine. But her journey began much earlier as a very young girl, when her father would pour Malbec into her seltzer water, a common practice in Argentina. True knowledge about wine came later when she started working at Wines from Spain. In 2006, she received the Wine and Education Spirit Trust Diploma in Wines and Spirits and the American Society of Wine Educators Certified Wine Specialist Diploma. During that time, she collaborated with Master of Wine and Master Sommelier Doug Frost to create two guides to Spanish wines. After five years at Wines from Spain, Silvina worked for two wine PR agencies; and in 2008, for a wine importer. Today, she no longer works professionally in wine, but it remains her passion, as seen in her blog and writing.
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