Bouvet Ladubay Signature Brut sparkling wine bottle from the Loire Valley in France
Signature Brut

Sparkling wine    |    Loire Valley, France    |    Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay

For Bouvet Ladubay, wine is a living art, which they have been creating since 1851. The masterpiece they turn out year after year is handcrafted sparkling wine from the Loire Valley. Made from Chenin Blanc and a small amount of Chardonnay, Bouvet Ladubay Signature Brut is the French bubbly your weeknights have been waiting for. Made in the same méthode traditionnelle as Champagne but much easier on the wallet, you’ll feel a touch of artistic inspiration from the first sip.
Pale straw in color with fine, pinpoint bubbles, the wine offers toast and fruit on the nose along with crisp citrus notes. Well-balanced acidity culminates in an elegant, persistent finish.
This wine can be enjoyed with a wide range of seafood, white meat and dishes prepared with creamy sauces.
12 months in stainless steel
12.0 g/l
5 g/l

Juliette Monmousseau, CEO

Juliette Monmousseau’s family began making sparkling wine in 1886; her father purchased Bouvet Ladubay in the 1930s. The fifth-generation vintner and current CEO explains the winery in a very French way: “Bouvet Ladubay starts with a love story,” since the estate was founded in 1851 by Etienne Bouvet and his wife Celestine with the purchase of 8 kilometers of underground caves carved from tuffeau during the Middle Ages. Juliette’s background in the arts has been instrumental in linking the winery with arts events around France, and publicizing the quality image of Bouvet Ladubay around the world. After graduating from the European School of Graphic Design of Angers in 1998, Juliette moved to Paris to begin a career in advertising. In 1999, she entered the world of film distribution, starting at Pyramide Films as marketing assistant, and then joining Bacfilms in 2000, one of the biggest independent film distributors in France. Since 1995, Juliette has been instrumental in the organization and publicity of Bouvet Ladubay’s “Les Journées du Livre et du Vin” (National Days of Books and Wine), and ensures the winery’s participation in many events in Paris, including cinema and theater premiers, and in the Cannes Film Festival. Eventually, her role evolved to include management of export sales to key markets including, the US, UK, India, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, China, Scandinavia and more. In 2010, Juliette became deputy managing director of Bouvet Ladubay overseeing Bouvet Ladubay’s global sales and marketing, and in 2015 was appointed as the CEO, overseeing all aspects of the winery.
Juliette Monmousseau, CEO of Bouvet Ladubay winery in Loire Valley, France
Juliette Monmousseau, CEO of Bouvet Ladubay

Reviews for Bouvet Ladubay Signature Brut

91 Points
Wine Casual

A lighter-styled sparkling wine that would serve as a perfect aperitif to refresh your palate before a main course meal… A brut that is well made, straightforward, and good in its dimension.

92 Points

Aromas of croissant, lemon blossom, and vanilla wafer. Soft yet lively bubbles, with notes of salted pear and lime zest. Brioche and yellow apples are pleasant on the finish.
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