Baby Showers with Caposaldo!

How to make your Caposaldo favors!
Click through for a step by step guide to making your baby shower guests the favorite favor
STEP 1: Order 'Thank You' tags
The first thing I did to put together these favors was order the thank you tags. I ordered these tags from because there were many different templates and they were easily customizable.
Click Here to browse Zazzle tag templates
STEP 2: Order your Caposaldo Prosecco bottles!
The next thing I did was find a local retailer that carries Caposaldo Prosecco. I knew I only wanted the Caposaldo Prosecco because of the beautiful baby blue label and the delicious flavor at a great price.
STEP 3: Make the bowties!
To make the bowties I ordered 4 different pattern paper options and a pack of Rainbow Loom rubber bands. I first cut the paper into a 4in x 2in rectangle. Next, I accordion folded the rectangle I cut. I then cut small, thin pieces of paper to use for the center of the bow. Before wrapping the small, thin piece of paper around the long side of the accordion folded rectangle, I placed a Rainbow Loom rubber band inside and secured with tape.
STEP 4: Assemble!
Once the thank you tags came in I put the tags and bow ties on each bottle and it looked perfect! My guests were super impressed and were so excited to have their own bottle to enjoy at home!
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