Moving into my first apartment in college, my mom—queen of sentimental gestures—surprised me with a large gift bag of individually wrapped packages and made me promise to wait for the right time to open the bag. When the day to explore the package finally arrived, I could barely contain the excitement and love that I felt. On each individual present were notes: “Open when you pass your first test,” another “Open when you need to recharge,” or probably the most emotional “Open when you’re feeling homesick.” This warmed my heart more than I could express in words.

My parents had found a way to send little gestures of their love and support as if they were right there next to me, cheering me on through some pivotal times in my life—regardless of the miles between us.

As the Wine365 Team began designing wine packs for the fall and winter season, my parent’s sentimental gesture came to mind. The First Apartment Wine Pack was born—offering a bottle of wine to you or your loved ones for all the first the celebratory moments in life.

4 Wines for Your First Apartment, or Other “Open Me When…” Moments

First Apartment wine pack
First Apartment wine pack, available at the Wine365 Shop

With your first apartment comes…Your first paycheck: Alta Vista Brut Sparkling Rosé of Malbec, NV

There are so many milestones worthy of celebration when you’re growing up, but your first paycheck has to be one of the sweetest. This is your first, real-life, adult paycheck and easily one of the biggest milestones of adulthood. This pearly pink bubbly Alta Vista Brut Sparkling Rosé is a perfect match for this joyful moment.

It’s Laundry Day: Bodega Norton Select Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Whether you were blessed to move into an apartment with an in-unit washer/dryer or have to make your first trek to the local laundromat, the freshness of this Bodega Norton Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with crisp, clean laundry. Treat yourself for your cleaning efforts by opening this bottle! The aromatics of green apples and tropical fruits will brighten your day (and can remedy any laundry mishap).

When you make new friends: The Seeker Pinot Grigio 2021

Branching out and making new friends as an adult can be scary… but can also be rewarding for life! For an upcoming get-together, open a bottle of this crisp Pinot Grigio from The Seeker. The vibrant texture featuring apple, pear, and stone fruit with hints of white flowers and almonds makes this wine the perfect easy-drinking choice. Don’t forget to break out your charcuterie board for snacking—this wine is an easy pairing for practically any cheese. Text your friend to bring over some cheeses and have yourselves a delicious evening in!

Your first promotion: Medici Ermete “Quercioli” Dolce Reggiano Lambrusco DOC

Getting your first promotion is a sign you’re moving up in the business world, and with big things come big celebrations. Pop the cork on this bubbly, ruby red wine for you and your friends to celebrate a job well-done! This Medici Ermete Quercioli Dolce Reggiano Lambrusco has lovely floral notes and a refreshing sweetness that will pair with your favorite spicy dish or congratulatory dessert.

Bonus: All of these wines have screw caps so there’s no rush to find a corkscrew.

Interested in learning more or purchasing the First Apartment Wine Pack for you or your loved ones? Head on over to the Wine365 Shop for more details—Cheers!

Author Mackenzie Lesher getting ready for the big move
Author Mackenzie Lesher getting ready for the big move



Mackenzie, a CT-native, graduated in 2022 from Miami University in Ohio where she studied Strategic Communications and Entrepreneurship. As a lover of food, travel, and good times with good people, she is just starting to dip her toes into the wonderous world of wine and can’t wait to learn more about the industry.

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