Q. What does “Falernian” refer to?

A. The Ancient Roman Empire considered Falernum, or Falernian wine, the greatest and most sought-after wine. While its origins are lost to time, most scholars agree that it was a white wine made from Falanghina (which might explain the grape’s etymology), and maybe Greco and Aglianico were also part of the blend. Oh, and it was nothing like a smooth glass of today’s Falanghina wine: honey, spices, resins, and even seawater were added to soften and prolong the wine’s life, and it was highly alcoholic. Anyone interested in tasting?

The other answers are wrong because…

If you want to say “failure” in the language of Ancient Rome, it’s defectum.

While there are hundreds of characters and families in George R.R. Martin’s massive series, he surprisingly didn’t name anyone after an Ancient Roman wine.

The autumnal equinox is known as the First Point of Libra, because the point on the celestial sphere where the ecliptic and celestial equator crossed has been in the constellation of Libra for the past 2,000 years (whatever that means? We’re experts in wine, not astrology!).

And you might want to leave the self-medication to glasses of tea instead of seawater-spiked wine!

The Falanghina in this wine bundle contains nothing but grapes. We won’t stop you if you want to remake Falernian wine, but…not going to encourage it either! Head over to our Wine365 Shop to enjoy Falanghina and other delicious wines today.

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