Q. Why might you find space heaters…in vineyards?

A. In frost-prone regions like Chablis, Burgundy, Champagne, and even as far south as Rhône some years, winegrowers may run heaters in the vineyards at night in the springtime to prevent frost damage. This is when budbreak occurs and when the vines are at their most vulnerable. Other methods winegrowers employ to prevent frost pockets from developing utilize moving air: for example, “bougies,” or large paraffin candles whose heat creates air movement, fans, and helicopters (not quite as common!). Some use sprinklers, which keep temperatures above freezing.

The other answers are wrong because…

Wine tourists would never return for a visit if they were forced to sit out at night and watch the frost melt.

It’s much more comfortable to make mulled wine over the oven. And s’mores cooked over a vineyard heater just won’t have that unbeatable bonfire flavor.

Vineyard gnomes move south for the winter, to warmer climes.

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