If you love the glamour of SAG Awards red carpet fashion, you’re going to love this twist on an at-home viewing party. Although Hollywood may have more glamour than your everyday events, there are still ways to bring a little bit of that A-list feel into your home. Taittinger has you covered with some inspiration and ideas on how to host a costume party right at home to view the SAG Awards. Skip the tuxes and ask guests to dress as their favorite character from one of the nominee categories! Read on to see how to recreate a SAG Awards viewing party at home. 

The SAG Awards bring together an opportunity to celebrate our favorite stand-out performances in movie and prime television. The last year of content has seen some exceptional talent rise and shine to the top of the nomination list. Between the fashion and entertainment, there is something for everyone while viewing the SAG Awards at home. Champagne Taittinger is an official sponsor of the SAG Awards and wants to help you get into viewing party spirit at home with a costume party approach to watching the SAG Awards. 

Chic Lite Bites Worthy of Hollywood Glamour

Movie night - SAG Awards with Champagne Taittinger
Decorate treats for your at-home SAG Awards party with print-outs of the statue’s symbol.

It wouldn’t be a night at the movies without a DIY popcorn bar. Black and white paper popcorn holders help guests get into a cinematic mood. We like elevating it with a little sweet and salty DIY station.

Combos for popcorn toppings include:

  • nutritional yeast and white chocolate
  • cheddar powder and brown sugar
  • parmesan cheese and tarragon

The award ceremony statue is that of a man holding Melpomene, the tragedy and comedy masks, so play this up in decorating your dessert bar. We printed these off and fixed them onto the black & white cookies (another duality to highlight Melpomene), with a toothpick. 

Champagne Reigns Supreme at the SAG Awards

It wouldn’t be the SAG Awards without plenty of Champagne Taittinger on hand. Whether you serve it in a coupe or a flute, keep the bar simple and easy to access. Make sure to keep your champagne chilled, and even chilling the champagne flutes before serving will help reduce any accidental spill-overs. 

Say what? Check out how to pronounce all the essential Champagne Taittinger words here and you’ll sound like a pro!

Create a Costume Party Theme 

SAG Awards viewing party with Taittinger
Make your SAG Awards viewing party a costume party!

The great thing about the SAG Awards is that because it continuously pulls from a variety of exceptional movies and television shows, there are always new characters to “invite” to your viewing party. From this year’s nominees, we loved recreating looks from The Great, Mare of Eastown, Ted Lasso, House of Gucci, The White Lotus, and Succession

The range of characters means that everyone can get involved and recreate their favorite nominated character. The nice thing is, they likely have everything in their closet to recreate it as well. 

It’s always a great time when you can dress up in costume and another reason to celebrate as well. No one understands that better than Taittinger. With these effortless tips, you too can celebrate an award show viewing party at home. Whether it’s a film or television show, there are unlimited options to channel the glamor of the Hollywood set. Now let’s get ready to enjoy a night with the movies!


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