There are zillions of holiday wine articles out there, so we made browsing easy by curating the articles we loved best this month for you. We publish our Holiday Edition wine reads feed a bit earlier than our regular monthly lists so you don’t miss out on holiday recommendations before the festivities are over! Sip on hot chocolate with Port or brew a potful of spiced mulled wine while you peruse the cheerful gift lists, sparkling wine recs, and holiday party tips.

We Asked 12 Sommeliers: What Bottle of Wine Are You Bringing to Holiday Parties? Maybe you didn’t order our Hostess Wine Pack in time, or maybe you’re just that popular and need more bottles to gift—either way, Maddy Sweitzer-Lammé went straight to the pros for this perennially-needed advice.

The Holiday Gifts You May Want to Keep for Yourself This Year: Games, aprons, cheese, and of course wines: Hayley Hamilton Cogill has a short and sweet list of excellent ideas for all your wine-loving friends.

20 Sparkling Wines to Light Up the Season: Bright and bubbly is all this season asks of us, and Jeffrey Kralik has the perfect little guide to help you choose the best sparkling wine, whatever the party or number of guests.

Should We Prepare for a Champagne Shortage? Who started the rumor (again!) that we’d be short on Champagne as 2022 comes to a close? Lauren Hubbard examines the veracity of the gossip and the reasons behind why there could, indeed, be a shortage.

The 32 Best Wine Gifts for 2022: Whether you hang out with fellow wine geeks or you’re the only serious wine-o you know, Laura Denby curated fun and thoughtful gifts for everyone. Use it for gift ideas, or forward it with a big wink to someone who needs to get you a gift (we love the decanter cleaning beads and fun glassware!).

Holiday Cocktails to WOW Your Guests: This quick video on Houston Life shows you how easy it is to make these two tasty cocktails, one with just three ingredients.

WineInk: Southern Styles: Santa Claus is from the North Pole, but we hear his summer home is in the South Pole, and when he’s vacationing he exclusively drinks wines from the Southern Hemisphere. Kelly J. Hayes writes about his Chilean and South African wine picks (that Santa would love).

11 Outstanding Super Tuscan Wines to Buy Right Now: Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen tackle the big boys of Italian wine with well-chosen recommendations—several of these Super Tuscans are under $100, so if you want to go big this holiday but not break the bank, check these out.

Holiday sweets with red wine

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