The 4th of July has a rich history of traditions: fireworks lighting up the night sky, the aroma of barbecues filling the air, and families and friends gathering to honor the birth of our nation. Among the variety of ways to mark this summer occasion, friends, family, food, and wine are staples. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, attending a festive picnic, or simply relaxing with loved ones at the beach, choosing the right wine can create a memorable experience.

The Wine365 Cru has rounded up their favorites to make your Red, White and Rosé holiday table sparkle.

Mackenzie Lesher
Bouvet Ladubay Saphir

Bouvet Ladubay Saphir 2021 is the bubbly I’m popping this July 4th! With sparkling notes of white flowers, peach, acacia, honey, and hazelnut, this French bubbly (named for the illustrious blue gemstone) will bring the pizzazz to any beach-side festivities you have planned. We recommend serving with grilled chicken or shrimp for a pairing that will have you seeing fireworks!

Hailey Giordano
Zind-Humbrecht Riesling Sommerberg Grand Cru

This 4th of July, I’ll be sipping on Zind-Humbrecht’s Grand Cru Sommerberg Riesling. I love treating my guests to a luxury wine for a holiday. Its vibrant, biodynamic nature, crisp acidity, and complex minerality will perfectly complement my summer BBQ and the festive fireworks. Cheers to freedom, flavor, and fun!

Anna Brenny
Medici Ermete Phermento

There is no better wine to celebrate the 4th of July than the Medici Ermete Phermento! This sparkling Rose is an explosion of flavor in your mouth with vibrant flavors of raspberry and red fruit. This is the perfect festive and summery drink and is easy to sip all day long!

Jennica Ossi
Michele Chiarlo Nebbiolo
"Il Principe"

Michele Chiarlo Nebbiolo “Il Principe” 2021 is a delightful wine for tasty BBQ. This brilliant red wine has notes of violet, red fruits, plums, and fine spices. It is intense yet harmonious with good structure and complexity making it the perfect pairing for savory grilled meats and flavorful vegetables. Don’t forget to op it in the cooler to help bring it down to the proper temperature.

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Cheers and Happy Independence Day!


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