Q. What is easy but important advice for serving wine and cheese?

A. Don’t chill your wine or your cheese too much. Lower temperatures mute flavors and aromas, so if you’re pulling them straight from the fridge after all day in there, you won’t taste as many complex nuances as you would if they were cool or even room temperature (as long as it’s not summer, of course!).

“The more, the better” is a pretty good rule and, honestly, describes how we feel about cheese and wine on most days. As far as cutting the cheese before, after, or while you drink the wine, it doesn’t matter as it won’t affect the flavor. White wines do pair well with white cheeses, but whites are great for pairing with all kinds of cheese due to their lack of tannins (which can overwhelm more delicate cheeses) and acidity that cuts through the fat. Not sure we’ve ever seen a red cheese, except for that wax coating on those ubiquitous Babybel cheese rounds—we don’t recommend you eat those (the wax; no shade if you enjoy a Babybel!). Finally, feel free to dip your cheese in your wine, but if you’re feeling that indulgent, why not go the mile and make a cheesy, Gruyère and wine-based fondue?

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