Thanksgiving is no longer just the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing every fourth Thursday of November. From Tofurkey to Friendsgiving, this time of the year has morphed into a wide range of creative dishes and potlucks between friends and families. If you’re trying to decide among endless non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas, wine pairings might be the last thing on your mind. But there’s an easy way to solve this wine conundrum: the best wine for a broad variety of foods and flavors is sparkling.

Below are suggestions on great sparkling wines for any twist on the Thanksgiving gathering you might be attending.

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas and Sparkling Wines to Pair


What has become a common tradition around mid-November, Friendsgiving is what it sounds like: a gathering of friends who often bring different dishes to create a smorgasbord of mix-and-matched flavors and cuisines. Whether hosting or attending, sparkling wine is always a great choice when bouncing between flavors. Bouvet Ladubay Cremant de Loire is an excellent option for the variety of dishes. With aromas of pear, apple, and flowers, this Champenoise method sparkling wine from the Loire Valley is fresh, balanced, and makes for an elegant housewarming gift or wine to set out on the table.

Buffet potluck feast
When everyone brings a different dish, potluck-style, bring out sparkling wine to pair with everything.

Plant-Based Thanksgiving

As the increase in vegan and vegetarian options grow, it is more common that our holiday meals do so, as well. From plant-based mashed potatoes to mushroom gravy, there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate Thanksgiving on a plant-based diet. If you find yourself attending a plant-based Thanksgiving, Bodega Norton 101 Bubbles is an excellent selection for the occasion. Due to its crisp acidity and light notes of citrus, this 100% Gruner Veltliner from Mendoza pairs exceptionally well with the myriad of flavors that come with vegetable-based dishes, from savory tarts to green veggies.


Sparkling wine pairs well with a mix of appetizers

Despite the fact that Thanksgiving is usually centered around a large dinner with filling foods, that rarely deters anyone from enjoying appetizers and dessert before and after the large meal. For cheese and charcuterie boards, deviled eggs, tapas, pies, and more, there is nothing better than a glass of sparkling wine to sip on while enjoying little bites and catching up with family. With a refreshing taste of granny smith apples and toasted bread notes, Poema Cava Brut is the perfect drink for aperitif hour. Made using the traditional method, it goes especially well with seafood—the perfect opportunity to break out the cheesy hot crab dip.

Everything but the Turkey Thanksgiving

Maybe it’s the taste, maybe it’s the lengthy cooking time, but not everyone enjoys the typical large turkey for their main course. There are many delicious and healthy alternatives, from rosemary roasted chicken or honey-glazed ham to stuffed cod or braised salmon. If you are replacing the giant bird with a lighter dish this Thanksgiving season, Caposaldo Prosecco Rosé is the perfect drink for you. Due to its robust flavors of florals and fruits, it makes an excellent pairing for light grilled meats and fish. Its beautiful color and lasting finish also makes it a fantastic choice for toasts and celebrating with family and friends.

Spice It Up

Whether you are seasoning your turkey with different spices, adding mixed nuts to your sweet potato casserole, or building all your dishes around an unexpected cuisine, it can be fun to add your personal flare to a classic dish. For anyone who loves to spice up the normal traditions of Thanksgiving, Alta Vista Brut Nature sparkling wine is the perfect pairing for anything out-of-the-ordinary. With hints of herbs and peach, this 100% Chardonnay bubbly from Mendoza, Argentina has a fresh and intense taste that leaves a rich, consistent finish.

Feast with meat, potatoes, rolls
If you like to put your own twist on traditional dishes, pairing with bubbles will be your best bet

Whether you attend multiple celebrations this Thanksgiving or change up the menu to fit your palate and diet, there is always the perfect sparkling wine to enjoy with your meal.

sparkling wines
This sparkling wine collection will get you through any kind of Thanksgiving meal, from Friendsgiving to plant-based.

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