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What is a Sub AVA of the Lake County AVA?

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What is a sub AVA of the Sonoma Valley AVA?

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What is a sub AVA of the Lodi AVA?

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What is a sub AVA of Santa Cruz Mountain AVA?

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What is a Sub AVA of Sierra Foothills AVA

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What is Paso Robles AVA a sub appellation of?

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What is a sub appellation of Paso Robles AVA?

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What is a Sub Appellation of Mendocino County?

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Where is Happy Cannon AVA located?

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Where is the Kelsey Bench AVA located?

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California Sub-AVA Quiz
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It seems like a thoughtful drive through the California coast is in order. Seeing locations and having those hands-on experiences will help you build memories to learn from, establishing a better floor to build an understanding on. With a little practice and some geography studying, you will Improve in no time. Don't forget to subscribe to the Daily Drop to help build your knowledge with one wine fact straight to your inbox each morning!
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Are you a California Native? Because it seems like you know your stuff! With a little geography review, there is no doubt you’ll ace this quiz sometime in the future. Keep up the good work and feel free to check out more Wine365 articles to help improve your knowledge!
Well done!

It seems you are a well-read expert on the sub-AVAs of California, nice job! This is not an easy test for many so you’re probably an advanced member of the wine community. Check in with Wine365.com every Saturday for more challenging quizzes that you can share with friends!

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