A tipsy Tuesday summer night, an open bottle, and a sweet treat all while enjoying the setting sun with your bestie and sipping on something soothing: there’s just something about summer that has everyone from 7 to 77 feeling like the night air is full fancy. The delicious seasonal fruit, warmer weather, and long days bring out that youthful feeling in us all. Soak in the summer with refreshing, chilled bubbles, such as the Poema Cava. To revive your inner child and maximize your summer vibes, we definitely suggest this easy take on a Peach Bellini with nothing but fruity peach pops with Cava poured overtop.

Poema Cava Peach Pop Bellini
Poema Cava Peach Pop Bellini

Peach Pop Bellini with Cava

Serves 2

  • 1 Bottle of Poema Cava
  • 2 Peach Popsicles
  • 2 Wine Glasses
  • 1 Patio
  • String lights
  • Water Fountain
  • Background Music
  • 1 Good Friend
  • Summer Night (Essential)

Place a popsicle in each glass and pour in Poema to taste. Sit back and enjoy a relaxing summer night, chat and laugh as the bubbles of Poem combine with the peach and bounce on your tongue. This is what summer is all about.


Astin & Monica met in Los Angeles while working for a women's apparel designer and became fast friends bonding over lunch breaks. After one of these adventures, they decided to start sharing their love for good food with others, along with a lot of other things they love, too: exploring new cities, new cultures, and of course new cuisine.

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