April showers bring May flowers, but we’re seeing plenty of rosés cropping up already! And why not? Awful pun aside, you should feel free to enjoy rosés any time of the year—and all other wines too, for that matter. Big, bold reds in the heat of summer are great after a quick chill (seriously, try it; and if you need convincing, listen to WHY right here). Crisp whites in the winter perfectly complement hearty, heavy winter food. Sparkling doesn’t need a celebration to be opened. And rosé should be on your mind before you even think about donning a sun dress.

Easter Brunch: Light, Festive, and Low-Alcohol Wines to Enjoy: Janice Williams offers excellent sparkling and light-bodied wine recommendations for your Easter brunch, but of course we take that to mean any brunch this spring.

Is Rosé Getting Its Due? What wines do you crave as the days get longer and warmer? As much as we touted any-wine-any-time above, Marguerite Thomas says what most of us are thinking: rosé!

5 French Wines to Add to Your Repertoire: Michelle Williams notes that many of the world’s beloved, “international” grape varieties are, in fact, French. Go back to the OG versions and try these wines.

Why Last Year’s Rosés Are Your Best Bet for Drinking Now: (paywall) Who would’ve thought older rosé would still be good? Lettie Teague assures us that a rosé by any other age tastes just as delicious (to a certain degree).

6 Eco-Friendly Wineries to Shop from This Earth Day: Don’t limit your “green wine” buying to Earth Day. It’s great to support wineries who are making efforts at sustainability all year; start with some of Katie Brown’s suggestions.

Best Napa Valley Wineries to Visit: Just take us there, already!

Wood-fired Salmon Pizza with La Nerthe: Can’t go wrong with Terri Steffe’s hearty pizza—unexpectedly topped with salmon!—and Rhône wine this spring.

15 Rules for Great Wine and Food Pairings: We love revisiting food and wine pairing suggestions, tips, and tricks. Green chile cheeseburger with a glass of crisp Chablis? Rosé with a baked Italian cheese sandwich? Dinner is served.

This is How Experts Are Debunking Major Wine Pairing Myths: Mark Stock encourages you to get rebellious! Smoked food and asparagus CAN be paired with wine. You don’t know until you try.

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