How are you toasting summer’s final full month? Maybe you’ll mix up a pitcher of fruity sangria, host one more backyard BBQ bash, or just enjoy the warm weather in shorts for as many evenings as possible. Don’t be sad: there are plenty of beautiful days to come, and we’re just as excited as you to enjoy the long Labor Day weekend! If you’re feeling vino vibes in your downtime, peruse some of the articles we liked this month for ideas on how to squeeze out the last wine juice of the summer.

Seven for Summer: This summer saw several brutal heat waves. Laurie Daniel’s picks for refreshing whites and sparklers will see you through the next month of warm weather.

Kick Ass Sparklers for Summer Celebrations: Whatever kind of party you host or attend, bringing a bottle of bubbly is a surefire way to boost you to the VIP list! Kalle Bergman has a long list of great recs.

There’s more to summer wines than rose. Here’s some recommendations: We heart rosé wine, but sometimes you want to branch out! Tony Callendrello suggests unique reds and whites from Italy, France, and Portugal.

17 Best Things to Do in Santa Rosa, California: As Kyle Kroeger notes, Santa Rosa has something for everyone: the “gateway” to Sonoma County, you’ll find activities that span from Snoopy statue spotting to—of course!—winery visits.

Classic Wines For Beginners, Explained: Time to graduate from your bottle featuring a certain Aussie animal and move onto the good stuff. Don’t worry! No need to break the bank. Lucia Capretti offers excellent value for quality wines to start learning your major wine regions.

Cool down with Chilean Sauvignon Blanc: Did you know Chile produces excellent Sauvignon Blanc? Tracy Ellen Kamens guides you by the hand and wine glass to taste great examples. Don’t lose any more time and get to know this cool white from a hot country (literally and figuratively—Chilean wines are having their moment).

Returning To My Wine Roots Through Carneros Wine Country, Kat, a corporate tax lawyer who pursues her passion for wine in her spare time, retraces her “aha” moment in wine. What was yours?

White wine and shrimp
It’s still prime season to enjoy chilled white wine and shrimp

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