February may not be on our top favorites list (after-the-holiday winter months are hard!) but there is still plenty to love about it: Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day bring some much-needed sweetness, the days are visibly longer, a long President’s Day weekend is thrown in…and hey, if all else fails, it’s a short month. Here are a few articles we *loved* this month.

Sake Mastery Starts With Rice: When Italy meets Japan…Check out this fascinating video chronicling an Italian sake maker on his journey to master the craft of this ancient art.

Get Bubbly With the Best Sparkling Wines from Around the World In 2022: The world loves sparkling wine, as evidenced in Aly Walanksy’s post about the many types of bubbly to enjoy, and suggested bottles to try.

Rappers, Real Housewives, and the Rise of Moscato: Sometimes all you need is a name-drop to get ahead…But don’t turn your nose up at “trendy” Moscato just because Drake sings about it! Janice Williams points out the high quality and high deliciousness of this sweet, frizzante wine from Italy.

Clemens: Wine rules ignored: Gus Clemens reports, rules are meant to be broken—especially wine rules. Which ones are you breaking?

These Are the Best Wines to Pair with Your Favorite Comfort Food Dinners: Sarah Tracey knows all about the appeal of comfort food (chicken pot pie, mac and cheese, slow-cooker pot roast…!) and the best wines to pair for a cozy night in.

Gifts for the Stock the Bar Shower: Did a friend just move and now needs to replenish their bar? Do you need a fun party idea? Throw a stock-the-bar party! Seriously, what sounds more fun?

The Sweetest Valentine’s Day S’mores Board with Cakebread Cellars: Just because Valentine’s Day has passed doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a dessert idea as cute and delicious as this. Until the weather warms up, enjoy this no-fire-needed s’mores board from Winefarer.

Napa Valley: California’s most-exciting foodie corner: Toby Skinner gives us a few destinations we definitely want to mark off on our 2022 bucket list.

Jadot Pouilly-Fuisse in candy hearts

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