Here are some great articles that helped us stack our wine rack and fill our fridge for the many hot weeks ahead. We also got busy planning a CA wine country road trip and came across several excellent guides. Pull up your beach umbrella and a cold glass of white, and enjoy!

Now You Can Take Your Port And Tonic Anywhere And We Are So Thankful: First on our to-buy list is this canned Port cocktail Emily Cappiello reports on. Who knew Port and tonic was a classic Portuguese cocktail?

The Apps and Websites You Need for International Travel During Covid and the Reopening: Now that international travel is becoming possible and you’ll be able to visit wineries again, Nicole Nguyen has written this great travel guide.

Russia to France’s Champagne region: Sorry to burst your bubble, but here, you’re just ‘sparkling wine’: Did you hear? While sparkling wine made anywhere in the world but Champagne, France cannot be called “Champagne,” Russia has decided to…do the exact opposite.

From Sustainable Champagne to an Unprecedented 100-Pointer: The Best Wines Right Now: Janice O’Leary and Sara Schneider pick out a top-notch selection of award-winning wines to put on your to-taste list right now.

From Still to Fizz: New Wine Documentary Explores Champagne’s Past and Future: You can bet on the entire Wine365 team watching this documentary when it debuts in August!

Napa Valley Wine Country Guide: Wine Folly’s extensive yet easy-to-use wine country guide is just the thing to consult if you’re traveling there this summer.

The Top Ten California Rosé Sparkling Wines: Emily of Jet-Setting Fashionista lists beautiful pink bubbly that can be found right at home. Save this list for your next Valentine’s Day, bridal party or baby shower, Mother’s Day, or any other occasion that calls for rosé sparkling wine.

Top 5 Wines to Drink This Summer Under $30: Anna Rodrique-Jones has given us another list to pin on our fridge with these budget- and summer-friendly whites, rosés, and a bonus red.

Three Reasons Moscato d’Asti Should Be On Your Table This Summer: If you haven’t tried Moscato d’Asti for lunch, aperitif, or dessert yet, what are you waiting for? Lisa Denning gives three good reasons you need to buy some now, and five recommendations.

California Wineries Are Pulling out All the Stops with Unique Tasting Experiences: Drinking wine is fun, but learning to saber, flying an open cockpit airplane, or playing shuffleboard will make wine travel even more memorable. Kristin Scharkey has listed these options and more.

Pinot Grigio wine in a basket on the beach

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