Technically, Leap Years have the longest winters, but the Winter of ’20-’21 might go down on record as “longest ever.” We don’t need to list all the reasons why; we just want to revel in spring’s warming temperatures, blooming flowers, and lighter wines to drink for porch season.

Have a glass and enjoy our cheerful picks from March!

‘Funky’ Wine: Friend or Flaw? Experts Weigh in on Wine’s Most Divisive Descriptor: Have you ever heard a wine geek call a wine “funky” and wonder what the heck that meant? Vick Denig digs into the term according to those who love it, and some who could do without.

Adventure In a Glass: All A-Boot Italian Wine: It has been entirely too long since we’ve been able to travel to Italy. Amanda Schuster helps you find your way along the boot with a selection of non-mainstream Italian wines.

This Unpasteurized Sake Is the Freshest, Funkiest Sip of Spring: Namazake is not a ninja move—but it is something equally mysterious: sake’s unpasteurized form. Are you into natural wine? Meet natural sake, as described by Betsy Andrews.

These Women in Wine Are the Masterminds Behind Some of Your Favorite Brands: We bet you’ll recognize all the wineries in this article by Laura Denby; read on to discover more about the strong women behind them.

Toast Patio Season With These Top Tasting Sauvignon Blancs: We are ready with bottle of wine and corkscrew in hand to start sipping wine on our patios! Katie Kelly Bell lists several great wines that will inspire you to do just that.

Finding Moments of Joy with Cakebread Cellars: If Aryanna’s cheerful article doesn’t make you feel joyful and ready for spring, nothing will!

Sassicaia 2016: John Fodera tastes this “gorgeous” wine and gives a brief background on the Super Tuscan’s wild past.

Top 25 Wineries: Spring 2021 Best Bay Area Wineries to Visit: Esther Mobley provides gorgeous inspiration and 25 reasons to visit California wine country right now.

It’s time we judged Italian wine on its own terms: Sarah Heller makes a point for enjoying and appreciating Italian wine for what it is, not in comparison to other greats. As she puts it, “Bitterness, a taste traditionally considered a wine fault, provides the key to balance in Italian wine.”

PODCAST: Episode 85: California’s Women in Wine—Part 1: Listen to some of the leading ladies making Californian wine get interviewed in this two-part series The Wine Enthusiast podcast.

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Photo by Alexandra Dersidan

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