Anyone else feel like May has been a wild ride? Turn up the warmth and sunshine, and suddenly everyone is out and about. And we love it! Enjoy these gorgeous late spring days outside or on the porch with—obviously—a few of the wine suggestions below, and you’ll be well-stocked until at least the start of summer.

The Best White Wines for Summer Sipping: Katie Kelly Bell’s pro tip: don’t chill your white wine too much, or you’ll mute the flavors and aromas.

The Best Times to Visit Napa Valley for Beautiful Weather and Affordable Rates: Kathryn Romeyn’s travel tips help you enjoy Napa with the best, cheapest, and most popular times to go and more.

The 5 Best Wine Openers and Corkscrews We Tested in 2022: Connie Chen’s favorite wine keys are great  gifts for your wine friends.

What Does ‘Riddling’ Mean in Wine? Riddle me that! Hint: it has to do with sparkling wine. Noel Burgess explains.

The History of Rhône Valley White Wines—Plus, Bottles to Try: Thomas Jefferson loved Rhône wines, the whites especially. Anna Lee C. Iijima dishes out other fun facts that will have you eager to find a white Rhône Valley wine yourself.

This Gorgeous Home Design Brand Just Opened the Most Instagrammable Hangout — With a Rooftop Park and Wine Bar: “Statement chandeliers in crystal and smoked glass hang like earrings, nodding to San Francisco’s fabulous Gilded Age:” Kathryn Romeyn’s description makes us want to visit asap.

The 10 Best Summer White Wines to Drink Right Now: Pamela Thomas-Grande scoured lists of top-recommended whites to enjoy after Memorial Day. Here are her top picks.

BOTTLE SHOTS: In the pink — six worthy rosés to wet your whistle: Seth Eli Barlow’s distinctive descriptions (such as the “lawnmower” wine, which he can easily polish off in the time it takes to mow the lawn) make his list entertaining and convincing.

7 Meaningful Gifts for Your 70-Year-Old Mom: Aw. Give your mom some wine, already! Whatever her age, she deserves it. Kimberly helps with recommendations.

Under-$15 Chardonnays that Overdeliver for the Money: We love a hidden gem! Brian Freedman sticks to Chardonnays that accomplish a lot for under $15.

25 Budget Wines to Add to Your Rotation ASAP: For your next summer bash or neighborhood picnic, Theresa Gonzalez’s recommendations are just the thing for keeping everyone’s whistle wet while not breaking the bank.

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