We are at the midpoint of holiday season, only this year it feels different from any other. Whether this is because you took a certain test before and after your travels, planned virtual festivities, or entertained a smaller family contingent than normal, we all know what we can attribute this change of pace to.

But wine is for the ages, through good times and bad, and a bottle brought to the table—with a few close friends in your pod or just by yourself—will always elevate the occasion. Red and Port wines are soon to be the name of the game, but wait! We aren’t too deep into cold weather that you can’t round up the last of the rosé in your wine stash. You’ll find a great reason why below, plus other fun reads of November that put smiles on our faces.

Go ahead, take out the leftover turkey and leftover wine and give yourself a few minutes of quality time with quality wine articles.

Wine People Vs. Beer People. You know which way we swing, of course, but Phil Keeling does a delightful job of juxtaposing what the same type of person, or situation, looks like on either side of the divide. For example: which do you think is a wine lover vs. beer person? à “Wiiiiiings” vs “Cheeeeese!”

Cochelet Is the Coziest Dinner from the Fanciest Wine Country. Sylvie Bigar recounts a traditional harvest feast, the Cochelet, in Champagne wine country. It makes us want to break out the long tables, platters of pâté en croûte and foie gras, and a few bottles of Champagne, ourselves!

From Roast Chicken to Egg Salad: These Premium Champagnes Go With Every Meal. Janice O’Leary and Sarah Schneider have got it right when they say, “Champagne just might be the best food wine on the planet.” Something about the simplicity of the foods suggested with fine Champagne is perfection. Now you know what to pair your fries with.

What’s the Difference Between a Wine Variety and a Varietal? Adam Teeter does a darn good job of explaining the difference between these two oft-confused words. It’s simple! Hint: You can’t drink a varietal any more than you can smell a flowery (but you can drink a varietal wine and smell a flowery perfume).

25 Extravagant, Over-the-Top Gifts for the Adventurous Tycoon on Your List. The Robb Report’s list might be out of reach for most of us, but it’s fun to dream. Hey, maybe you’ll get inspired to put your own spin on the gifts! If you can’t afford the entire WineWall, what about a cute little wine fridge for that special wine lover in your life?

Demystifying the Myths of Wine: Unconventional Turkey Pairings. Thanksgiving may be behind us, but our leftovers certainly aren’t. We are happy to follow these recommendations and bring out the rosé. Provence rosé is especially food-friendly, and infinitely more versatile beyond the beach and summer vibes.

Beaujolais is a Glassful of Calm, Cozy Deliciousness. Affordable; ultimate drinkability; sturdy yet light-weight; outstanding quality; calm, cozy, and delicious—this article in Wine Enthusiast makes us want to crack open a bottle of Beaujolais, stat. If you want to dig deep into what makes this French wine so [insert above description], this post reveals all.

The 50 Best Wines of 2020. Does anyone else keep a running list of your favorite wines through the year? There is still time to add a bottle or three to your “Best of 2020” list, but see if any of your top wines match VinePair’s. If not, then they’re great candidates to add to your never-ending “Wines to Try” list.

The 14 Best White Wines of 2020. If you’re just starting out with your “Best of” lists and the above is too ambitious, Jonathan Cristaldi pares it down to essential whites from around the world.

How to Love Wine: A Memoir and Manifesto. Heading into the holidays, there is never a better time to curl up with a glass of wine and a book that pairs perfectly. Eric Asimov’s book on how to enjoy wine, without the anxiety and indecision that can tag along, is comforting, inspiring, and encouraging. Whether you’re a beginner or industry professional, it offers wisdom for anyone with a love for the fermented grape.

Wine for a Pandemic Thanksgiving: It’s Still Beaujolais. Kevin Day makes the case for a Turkey Day + Beaujolais tradition that is here to stay. And, just like leftovers can be enjoyed days later, Beaujolais can definitely—and should absolutely—be on your table after the big Feast Day.

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