We hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the spooky season—we certainly have, sipping on perfect fall cocktails and planning our wine-themed costumes (Bacchus with a bottle? A bunch of grapes? Lucy stomping grapes? The possibilities are as limitless as the wines of the world…). As we head into holiday season, let these stories inspire your festive tables and parties.

The Martini Glass Is “Pure Vibes”: If you start seeing the V-shaped glass more and more at sceney restaurants and bars, Jaya Saxena explains what it’s all about.

The French Wine Bar Wave Is Upon Us — And the Food Is Great: When was the last time you went to a wine bar? Robert Sietsema has a great overview of the French wine bar scene these days, and ooh, la la!

Best Wines for Cozy Fall Nights With Friends or Lovers: Karen MacNeil’s suggestions for a cozy fall night have us craving a bottle of one of her recommendations.

We Asked 10 Sommeliers: Which Champagne Offers the Best Bang for Your Buck? Maddy Sweitzer-Lamme’ asked sommeliers for us: the question we all start asking around this time of year, including wonderful non-French sparklers to round out her list.

A Trip Through Time in Northern Portugal’s Wine Country: Portugal is booming, as Jillian Dara reports, and here are the wines to look out for if you can’t get over to wine country for a visit (but if you can, we highly recommend).

9 Extravagant Hotel Wine Cellars Worth Traveling to See: Will travel for wine? Yes, please! Jillian Dara suggests nine different hotels around the world where the quality of your stay will match the quality of the wine you’re tasting—excellent in every way.

Port Wine Misconceptions, & Why It’s the Perfect Fall Drink: And a final Port article (‘tis the season!): Nicole Kliest gives some great pointers on how to “get into Port”—and it’s a lot easier than you’d think with the tips and hints she provides!

Pouring Chardonnay wine around pumpkins and risotto
Cakebread Chardonnay with butternut squash risotto

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