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Soil Vineyard Dirt

Did you know that winemaking starts from the ground up? The different soil types around the world affect the different varieties that can be grown, and predictably, the style of wine that is eventually produced. Let’s see if you can identify the soil that is most commonly associated with these famous growing regions.

Italy Map

Italy is broken up into 20 different political regions, all of which produce their own distinctive wines. In this challenging quiz, you will be asked to name either a DOCG or DOC from the listed political region. This is a great quiz for those looking expand or test their Italian wine knowledge.

The United States AVA system is a series of areas that are divided by sub-regions, and then more nested appellations beyond that. If that sounds complicated, that’s because it is. See how well you know your California sub-AVAs in this 10-question quiz that is sure to give even native Californians a run for their money.

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