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What is the local name for Chardonnay in Austria?

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What is the local name of Nebbiolo in Lombardy?

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What is another name for Viura in Spain?

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What is another name for Pinot Gris in the Loire Valley?

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While it is called Blaufrankisch in Germany, it is called ___ in Hungary.

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What is a local name for Sangiovese in certain parts of Tuscany?

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Tempranillo in called ___ in Catalonia, Spain, but is called Cencibel in La Mancha, Spain.

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What is the Chinese name for Carmenere?

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What is a German synonym for Pinot Gris?

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While this grape is called Mazuelo in Spain, ____ is the name of this grape in Italy

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Grape Synonym Quiz 2
Practice makes perfect!

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